We Invite to Train and Play in the Land of Baseball - Dominican Republic

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Please note that this item is temporarily only available on backorder and will be shipping out to customers in the next 3-4 weeks, possibly sooner depending on the availability. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We Invite to Train and Play in the Land of Baseball - Dominican Republic

Who: Players and Teams Age 12-24
Date: Book on Calendar Availability
Time: Sunday thru Saturday
Location: La Javilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 11201
Cost: Starts with $2,495.00


Trosky Baseball and La Javilla Academy Player and Family Fees

$2,495.00 for Players (First Week)
$1,595.00 for the first parent… Weeks 1-? (Required for the First Week)
$1,295.00 for each additional family member… Weeks 1-?
Additional Weeks… | Players per week…
$2,295.00… Weeks 2-8
$1,995.00… Weeks 9-?

La Javilla Academy welcomes players to train and develop as long as they wish and will be chaperoned by the Administration and Coaching Staff during the trip. La Javilla Administration and Coaching staff are professional with many years of international coaching experience...


Trosky Baseball has partnered with La Javilla Academy, Santo Domingo to expand your baseball development internationally the #1 Baseball Academy in the Dominican Republic!

We understand your time and resources are valuable so we will build a custom training package to assist in meeting your baseball goals. Please take four minutes to review the video tour of La Javilla Academy.

Any questions contact Trosky International Development to discuss your training needs, dates you or your team would like to attend, and cost to put your individual game plan into play!

We build not only Major League Players but more important Major League People...This trip will change your life forever! We look forward to you joining us in 2023/2024 in the Dominican Republic.

Complete Baseball Training and Family Vacation


We Invite to Train and Play in the Land of Baseball - Dominican Republic

⚾ Daily 5 baseball tools development and training with Coach Castillo and Staff | ⚾ Player development talks with Coach Castillo (mental make-up & character) | ⚾ Player Recruiting talks with Michael Hemenway and Staff | ⚾ Baseball Games (La Javilla Academy 4 Fields) | ⚾ Optional Beach Activities (snorkeling, swimming, boating, sun bathing, etc) | ⚾ Pro Game Baseball Complex Tour | ⚾ Relaxing by Hotel Pool | ⚾ Practice (with Dominican professional trainers) | ⚾ Service Project (giving baseball equipment to the DR youth) | ⚾ Parent Fitness Training and Shopping Available | ⚾ Evening Hotel Relaxation


Trosky Baseball and La Javilla Academy Provides Players and Family Members with Complete Baseball Training and Family Vacation

⚾ Training at our world-class baseball complex with international professional instructors.
⚾ Games in Santo Domingo, and tours of Pro Baseball complexes.
⚾ Caribbean leisure and beach activities, swimming, boating, snorkeling, relaxing by the pool and shopping all optional activities for the player and family.
⚾ Three meals provided daily.
⚾ Acts of Service. Each player brings extra baseball clothes/gear to donate to the DR youth on our service day.
⚾ Culture and experience that will last a lifetime.

Ground Transportation: In Dominican Republic, ground transportation to scheduled activities is included.
Accommodations: Hotel accommodations are 3 to 4-star and conveniently located by the Academy, close to beach and by tourist shopping areas. This year’s hotel, the Tropicana Hotel, is only a few minutes from the airport where players and family will be landing.
Training Week: Arrive on Sunday. Depart Following Saturday.
Dining: 3 meals are provided daily in the hotel restaurant or at Academy. All meals are served to order.
Beach Activity: Throughout the trip, players and family members will have the opportunity to enjoy leisure time at the beach, pool, and shopping.
Baseball: All baseball activities.
Water: All-you-can-drink purified water (provided by the Hotel and Academy).


Airfare: Airfare is NOT included. La Javilla Academy participants should arrive at Santo Domingo (SDQ) Airport Dominican Republic on Sunday, the week of your training by 4:00pm. There will be a welcome gathering Sunday evening at 6:00pm at the Hotel to lay out the week and issue uniforms. Participants should plan to depart SDQ on Saturday, prior to Noon for Transportation.
To purchase your airfare, contact your carrier of choice: American Airlines seems to be most on time but your choice.
Passports: All passengers must have a valid passport to travel to the Dominican Republic. US Citizens, go to for instructions on applying for, or renewing, your passport.
Non-Scheduled Meals: Meals offsite or at non-scheduled times.
Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is not provided by La Javilla Academy but is highly recommended. All fees paid to La Javilla Academy are non-refundable; however, you may be reimbursed for the full cost of your trip depending on the travel insurance you purchase.
Domestic Ground Transportation: In your country of origin, ground transportation to and from the airport is not included.
Non-Scheduled Sightseeing Tours: Any non-scheduled tours.
Gratuities: Tipping the tour guides and bus drivers is appropriate.
Additional Beach and Shopping Activities: There are a number of beach activities available, including boat rentals, ocean tours, snorkeling, inner tubing, etc.

1. Please bring Four New Baseballs and Four Slightly Used Baseballs with you for Game and Practice will Collect at Sunday meeting.

2. Please bring your extra baseball gear to give to DR Youth on Service Day... Helmets, Jersey, Pants, Belts, Socks, Cleats, Gloves, Bats, Etc...


For additional question and information, please contact Trosky International Development.

YES! This is one of the most important items that must be considered ahead of time. Yes, you must have a passport. It can take up to three months to get your passport application processed. For more information on getting a passport contact the U.S. Department of State.

YES! The Dominican Republic is a popular tourist destination for Americans. Dominicans are welcoming people and especially so with baseball players. We will stay together as a group and players will have a buddy system.

We don’t anticipate any injuries. However, in the unlikely event of an accident during training or games, we will have a staff member present with first aid certification. We have an emergency plan with state of the art Health Care providers if the injury needs immediate attention.

We maintain excellent player to staff ratio. During times that we are not participating in baseball activities, players will be in small groups of with a coach.

There are several facilities we use. Our primary facility is a clean, simple hotel with double rooms and swimming pool surrounded by palm trees. We sleep two players per room or accommodate families as needed . Hotel is close and 8-minute drive to La Javilla Academy.

We eat a combination of Dominican and American food that includes an assortment of beef, chicken, rice and pasta. Tropical fruit (mango, papaya, pineapple, coconut) is in abundance.

Optional opportunities include Beach, Take a trip to the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, Shopping, Museum and visit a Major League Baseball Dominican Academy.

Family members who are interested in coming are welcome to do so. We can offer a family package; the cost depends on selected accommodations.

NO. Some Dominicans speak English, although many do not. This makes the trip more interesting and fun. We will have access to interpreters and all of our coaches are bilingual.

NO. Immunizations are not required for travel to the Dominican Republic.

Baseball items:
⚾ 2 pair Grey baseball pants
⚾ 2 pair White baseball pants
⚾ Glove and 4 New Baseballs (Give Baseballs to Coach)
⚾ Cleats
⚾ Bat (Wood) ( Demarini makes an affordable Composite Wood Bat)
⚾ 2 Pair Red Socks
⚾ Red Belt
⚾ Tape for Hands (Lots of Swings)
⚾ Electrolytes (To Stay Hydrated)
⚾ Personal Clothing
⚾ Enough shorts/t-shirts/underwear to last a week
⚾ Tennis or Turf Shoes
⚾ Swimsuit
⚾ Sandals
⚾ Beach Towel
⚾ Camera
⚾ Toiletries (comb, deodorant, toothbrush, etc.)
⚾ Water bottle
⚾ Sunscreen