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True Flight Balls™ are the ultimate training tool for hitters of all levels. They offer precision and realism that replicate game conditions, enhancing your bat-to-ball skills like never before. These remarkable balls are like hitting plyometrics, but with a twist – you can use them on pitching machines at game speeds and even challenge yourself by using a skinny bat.

The Science Behind True Flight Balls Precision Engineering:

Each True Flight Ball is painstakingly crafted to replicate the size, weight, and feel of a regulation baseball. This unwavering attention to detail ensures that your training mirrors real-game situations, enabling you to seamlessly transfer your skills from practice to performance.In collaboration with, Nate Trosky, Muhl Tech and Coach Mashore, we have redefined the art of training the hit tool with True Flight Balls. This groundbreaking training tool is guaranteed to elevate your hard-hit average, quality contact rate because of our precision engineered firm 3.5 oz ball (designed to feel contact and maintain velocity) with raised seams (ensures late break or maintaining ball flight). True Flight is best in class.

Immediate Feedback:

What sets True Flight Balls apart is their immediate feedback mechanism. Upon contact, you'll experience an authentic, satisfying "pop," reminiscent of the resounding crack of the bat against a fastball. This instant response allows you to gauge the quality of your contact, making it easier to pinpoint areas for improvement.

true flight baseballs
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true flight baseballs nate trosky

Engineered by Top MLB Hitting Instructor for Elite Movement, High Spin Rate, and Instantaneous Hitter Feedback.

Our 3.5 oz True Flight Ball guarantees hitters a unique tactile experience, enabling them to feel solid contact with each swing. Rigorously tested against real baseballs and competitors, it consistently outperforms with superior feel, action, and reliability.

Designed to replicate elite-level movement and spin rate, this ball serves as an unparalleled training tool, providing immediate feedback on contact quality.