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Trosky Baseball will partner with Caught Stealing to utilize the Caught Stealing PRO 100™

January 12, 2024 05:00 PST| Source: Trosky Baseball / Caught Stealing LLC

Phoenix, Jan. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Trosky Baseball, the company known for leading the revolution in baseball fielding, creating camp and clinic experience and development that remain unrivaled, is partnering with Caught Stealing LLC. The Caught Stealing PRO 100™ launched in July 2023 with a first-time wearable technology. Initially designed with catchers in mind, Caught Stealing has expanded their audience to include catchers, fielders, and more.

About Trosky Baseball:
Nate Trosky has scouted professionally for over 20 years. He serves and has served as a baseball clinician at various colleges and universities. He coaches with Area Code Baseball and has served as the New Balance Area Code Camp Director and with USA Baseball Break Through Series (BTS) Player Development. He is the founder and CEO of Trosky Baseball, one of the top Travel Baseball and College Showcase organization in the country. To learn more please visit

About Caught Stealing:
The Caught Stealing PRO 100™ is a wearable Bluetooth device for catchers/fielders designed to calculate the exact distances between bases for collecting extremely accurate pop times, velocity, distance and exchange times that can be instantly referenced and monitored through our web-based Caught Stealing App, available on any Apple/iOS device. Nicknamed “The radar gun for catchers”, the Caught Stealing PRO 100™ eliminates the guessing and replaces old methods with the new standard. It has quickly been adopted and is being utilized at the MLB, MiLB, College, and high school levels. To learn more please visit Caught Stealing, LLC.

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tim corbin nate trosky baseball

Tim Corbin

Head Coach
Vanderbilt University
Passionate & Invested Teacher!

Nate is a very passionate and invested teacher. He has the unique ability to draw visual pictures with his communication to help the player understand a skill. Most importantly, Nate is teaching for the right reasons, he has a passion for players and coaches and their growth mentally and physically. I really enjoy what he does and how he does it.

alan jaeger trosky baseball

Alan Jaeger

CEO Owner
Jaeger Sports
Life Changer!

Nate Trosky impacts people. His passion, depth and commitment to developing players both on and off the field are palpable. From physical to mental preparation — from the discipline and hunger needed to tap into the depths of learning and growing — it is a life changing opportunity for any player, coach or parent to take advantage of Nate’s 6th Tool Nation.

dean stotz nate trosky baseball

Dean Stotz

Pac12 Network Analysis
For. Asso. Head Coach
Master of His Craft!

Nate Trosky has spent his life mastering his craft. His love and knowledge for baseball is unparalleled! One of the best human beings I’ve ever been around.

jason kelly trosky baseball

Jason Kelly

Head Baseball Coach
Univ. of Washington
Unmatched Attention to Detail!

I have been watching Coach Trosky teach for almost 20 years! There is no one who is more committed to developing amateur baseball players. His attention to detail for each athlete is unmatched!

kelly perez trosky baseball

Kelly Perez

5X National Champion
Softball Head Coach
True Gem of Baseball!

Nate is a true gem with unique style of teaching mental game mastery, powerful concepts we use at UCLA softball!

Passion & Knowledge!

Mike Hamilton

Professional Baseball
Cross Checker
Passion & Knowledge!

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Nate Trosky and the camp this weekend! I was blown away with your passion and knowledge. Thanks for coming to Texas and let’s stay in touch about future endeavors.

tom myers trosky baseball

Tom Myers

Area Scout
S.California/Las Vegas
Best in the Business!

I’ve worked with Coach Trosky for over 20 years and he is one of the best in the businesses at developing the complete player; mind, body, and spirit!

Purity of His Intentions!

Jeff Diskin

Sr. Director
Prof. Development
Kansas City Royals
Purity of His Intentions!

What impresses me most about Nate Trosky is not his knowledge (which is off the charts), but the purity of his intentions. This was the best camp and instruction I have ever seen, from the drills, teaching, note-taking... The best camp I have been involved in.

Elite Developer!

Ben Greenspan

Associate Head Coach
University of Michigan
Elite Developer!

Nate Trosky has been and continues to be an elite developer of the person and the player. His unique passion for the growth of the individual is unmatched.

Mastery in Baseball!

Georg Bull

General Manager
German National Teams
Mastery in Baseball!

There is no equal to Nate Trosky 's expertise and mastery of teaching all aspects of the great game of Baseball!

A Difference Maker!

Tyger Pederson

MILB Hitting Coach
St. Louis Cardinals
A Difference Maker!

Nate Trosky is a difference maker! His attention to detail and passion to elevate the game is infectious and makes everyone around him better!