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IMG Academy’s baseball program is the nation's premier environment for dedicated student-athletes seeking to compete at the next level. IMG’s college preparatory experience and diverse campus environment mirrors that of a collegiate schedule and includes both on-field development, an annual competition schedule, and challenging academic coursework.

IMG Academy baseball graduates work closely with college placement advisors and have gone on to commit to top universities such as South Carolina, Arizona, Penn State, and LSU while other past student-athletes have been selected in the MLB Draft following their senior or post-graduate seasons.


Developed for Players & Coaches at All Levels

Coach Nate Trosky developed this progam for his MLB infielders, but the drills and mental game programs translate to players and coaches at all levels. Complete Player Development, Body, Tools, Make-Up!

team usa coach nate trosky baseball

Students Grades 6-8

Top of the Line Schooling

⚾ Customized Drills & Trainings
⚾ Redefine Success as a Player and Coach
⚾ Build Consistent and Repeatable Actions
⚾ Develop the 6th Tool at a Young Age (Mental Game)
⚾ Learn How to Train Anywhere

Elite Middle School Players

Top of the Line Schooling

⚾ Competitive Drills or Challenge Reps
⚾ Learn the Secrets to Getting Noticed
⚾ Real Assessment Tools or Evaluation Techniques
⚾ Access to Top Professionals in the Game
⚾ Guided Approach to the Recruitment Process

jabin trosky coach nate trosky baseball

coach nate trosky baseball

High School, College & MLB Player Pathway

Top of the Line Schooling

⚾ Develop Repeatable Actions that Get You Noticed
⚾ Access to In-Season and Off-Season Training Programs
⚾ Develop Elite Footwork, Posture, Arm Mechanics
⚾ Self Assessment ToolsTrain Anywhere Without a Coach
⚾ Elite Mental Game Training


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Core Subject

The core foundational and traditional subject areas of math, social sciences, history, and English language arts will be taught.

Social Skills

Social skills learning improves students' positive behavior and reduces negative behavior while providing a needed structure for social engagement.

Mental Health

We believe in developing the whole student-athlete which includes mental as well as physical strength.

Real-Life Application

Imagine applying fractions and percentages to baseball statistics to gain a sense of relatedness to the subject matter. We do exactly that at Trosky Baseball Academy.

Differentiated Learning

Each student is unique in learning style so we customize each learning experience. We accomplish this through the use of multimodal teaching as well as continually checking for understanding before moving the student on. 

Individualized Instruction

Our class sizes are no larger than 20 students per class. The reduced class size allows our teachers the opportunity to get to know each of the students individually so that we can best support his growth throughout the program.


All MLB Staff

Retired MLB baseball players train and develop our student-athletes every day at school. Our students have the unique opportunity to work with big leaguers who have competed at the highest levels. 

Speed & Agility

Professional speed and agility coaches to MLB players both active and retired work directly with our student-athletes twice a week at school. 


Each of our student-athletes is assessed by our all MLB staff and their nutritionists. Each of our athletes is then put on a meal plan specific to their performance goals.

Player Development

Our MLB staff is completely hands-on with every one of our student-athletes. They get to train, be mentored, and be directly coached by professional baseball players in every aspect of the game.

Situational Baseball

Our student-athletes will learn situational baseball from our MLB staff both in the classroom and on the field every day at school. 

Strength and Conditioning

Trainers to MLB players work directly with our student-athletes two days a week at school to help them reach their performance goals both short-term and long-term. Individualized plans based on position and needs.


Coach Trosky has coached or worked with over 300+ MLB Players

A lot of people play baseball in America and around the world. A very small percentage have professional careers in the big leagues. The Trosky Baseball ecosystem is the route that many pros have taken on their way to the majors.



Testing / Evaluation & Individual Foundational Growth


⚾ Introduce philosophy and curriculum
⚾ 2 week individual evaluation and assessment
⚾ Skill and physical testing to include speed, arm strength, exit velocity, launch angle
⚾ Individual position breakdown
⚾ Introduce offensive/defensive team fundamentals
⚾ Arm strengthening program
⚾ Bat speed program
⚾ College recruiting videos/pro style workout
⚾ NCAA eligibility center registration
⚾ Senior post-grad recruitment meetings
⚾ Introduction of nutrition and mental training
⚾ Introduction of movement & dynamic warm up
⚾ Strength & conditioning: introductory & assessment phase

Team Competitive Growth / Fall League


⚾ Establish working groups
⚾ 8-10 games
⚾ Application of instruction in game setting
⚾ Strict focus on development and not results
⚾ Building of competitive team environment
⚾ Exposure to showcase and tournament circuit
⚾ Open practices for college recruiters/professional scouts
⚾ Pro/college scout day
⚾ Senior/post-grad college application process/common app finalized
⚾ Initial evaluation report
⚾ Identifying individual mental approach
⚾ Introduction of strength & conditioning: maintenance phase
⚾ Introduction of flexibility & speed training

Intensive Individual Growth / Offseason

WEEKS 10-12

⚾ Critical evaluation
⚾ Extensive small group and individual development
⚾ Maintain competitive environment
⚾ Underclass college placement meetings
⚾ Continued emphasis on team building
⚾ Application of vision and mental training during practices
⚾ Strength & conditioning, speed, arm strength: growth phase

Individual Skill Work / Athleticism / Competition / Strength & Conditioning

WEEKS 13-15

⚾ Individual development: 5 days/week
⚾ Emphasis on strength & conditioning, speed, arm strength: growth phase
⚾ Maintain flexibility and athleticism
⚾ Post fall evaluation report
⚾ Team building



jabin trosky coach nate trosky baseball


jabin trosky coach nate trosky baseball



Athletic and Personal Development plays an integral role in the overall development of each baseball student-athlete. Athletic and Personal Development instructors focus on crucial areas such as mental toughness, strength & conditioning, nutrition, leadership, life skills and character development, and more to ensure that IMG Academy baseball student-athletes not only have an advantage over the competition but understand what it takes to succeed in college, in the MLB, and in life.

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IMG Academy’s collegiate-style schedule provides the ultimate preparation for student-athletes to succeed at the next level. Baseball student-athletes have the ability to select their courses and electives to identify their areas of interest ahead of enrolling into the collegiate program that best aligns with their academic and athletic goals.>


Post-graduate baseball student-athletes will benefit from a gap year at IMG with available standardized test prep, college course credit opportunities, college placement and recruitment advisement, and more. Baseball post-graduates experience immense benefits by ensuring they’re prepared for their next steps as collegiate-student-athletes. Post-graduates will not jeopardize their NCAA eligibility by enrolling in this program.

trosky baseball trosky nation coach nate trosky elite infield camps trosky baseball trosky nation coach nate trosky elite infield camps


tim corbin nate trosky baseball

Tim Corbin

Head Coach
Vanderbilt University
Passionate & Invested Teacher!

Nate is a very passionate and invested teacher. He has the unique ability to draw visual pictures with his communication to help the player understand a skill. Most importantly, Nate is teaching for the right reasons, he has a passion for players and coaches and their growth mentally and physically. I really enjoy what he does and how he does it.

alan jaeger trosky baseball

Alan Jaeger

CEO Owner
Jaeger Sports
Life Changer!

Nate Trosky impacts people. His passion, depth and commitment to developing players both on and off the field are palpable. From physical to mental preparation — from the discipline and hunger needed to tap into the depths of learning and growing — it is a life changing opportunity for any player, coach or parent to take advantage of Nate’s 6th Tool Nation.

dean stotz nate trosky baseball

Dean Stotz

Pac12 Network Analysis
For. Asso. Head Coach
Master of His Craft!

Nate Trosky has spent his life mastering his craft. His love and knowledge for baseball is unparalleled! One of the best human beings I’ve ever been around.

jason kelly trosky baseball

Jason Kelly

Head Baseball Coach
Univ. of Washington
Unmatched Attention to Detail!

I have been watching Coach Trosky teach for almost 20 years! There is no one who is more committed to developing amateur baseball players. His attention to detail for each athlete is unmatched!

kelly perez trosky baseball

Kelly Perez

5X National Champion
Softball Head Coach
True Gem of Baseball!

Nate is a true gem with unique style of teaching mental game mastery, powerful concepts we use at UCLA softball!

Passion & Knowledge!

Mike Hamilton

Professional Baseball
Cross Checker
Passion & Knowledge!

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Nate Trosky and the camp this weekend! I was blown away with your passion and knowledge. Thanks for coming to Texas and let’s stay in touch about future endeavors.

tom myers trosky baseball

Tom Myers

Area Scout
S.California/Las Vegas
Best in the Business!

I’ve worked with Coach Trosky for over 20 years and he is one of the best in the businesses at developing the complete player; mind, body, and spirit!

Purity of His Intentions!

Jeff Diskin

Sr. Director
Prof. Development
Kansas City Royals
Purity of His Intentions!

What impresses me most about Nate Trosky is not his knowledge (which is off the charts), but the purity of his intentions. This was the best camp and instruction I have ever seen, from the drills, teaching, note-taking... The best camp I have been involved in.

Elite Developer!

Ben Greenspan

Associate Head Coach
University of Michigan
Elite Developer!

Nate Trosky has been and continues to be an elite developer of the person and the player. His unique passion for the growth of the individual is unmatched.

Mastery in Baseball!

Georg Bull

General Manager
German National Teams
Mastery in Baseball!

There is no equal to Nate Trosky 's expertise and mastery of teaching all aspects of the great game of Baseball!

A Difference Maker!

Tyger Pederson

MILB Hitting Coach
St. Louis Cardinals
A Difference Maker!

Nate Trosky is a difference maker! His attention to detail and passion to elevate the game is infectious and makes everyone around him better!

Trosky Nation is Growing!




Everything you need to know about TROSKY BASEBALL INFIELD ACADEMY, BILLING, PLAN INFO. If you have further questions, just email our team:


Coach Trosky has designed complete systems for every phase of infield play for baseball or softball. He has developed training programs, communication scripts, throwing programs with charting, quality at bat charts, comprehensive recruiting programs and navigation through the mental game. He will guide you through the 95/5. The 5% mental that controls the 95% physical.

Our Private Facebook Group, Trosky Tuesday Zoom Calls and Q and A’s with Coach Trosky are designed to give you full access to our team and Coach Trosky. We have over 2000 members and counting taking advantage of the Trosky Network.

We have created downloadable documents for all our members including hitting charts, training programs, sample letters, recruiting documents, evaluation cards, defensive playbooks and so much more.

Trosky Essentials includes the foundation of Trosky Infield Development. It will give you access to many of our Drill Packages and Systems. Trosky navigation gives each member direct access to Coach Trosky through Zoom calls 2 times a month as well as frequent text messages and Private Facebook Group. Trosky Navigation also gives you in-depth access to all things Trosky including his new content that is released every 2 to 3 weeks in our growing library of content. Trosky Navigation also gives members Discounts on in person camps.

THE TROSKY TEN is an exclusive membership with only TEN SPOTS available for the calendar year . The membership includes all the content from the other offers with an exclusive mentorship with Nate Trosky. These ten members will get free invitation to two in-person camps during the year. 2 Video Evaluations from Coach Trosky during the year, individualized training calendar and recruiting guidance, mental game assessments, 1 phone call a month as well as in person training either before or after camp or in person at at location that works for both. On top of this, each of the TEN will recieve a one of kind Infield Training kit from Trosky Baseball which includes KneePad, Bounce Back Screen, Jaegar Bands, Jump Rope, Training Flat Cones, Vitillas and Trosky Gear.

We are currently working with several organizations, and we do have special pricing for both teams and organizations. With teams with more than 8 players, coaches will receive 2 free memberships. We also offer organization pricing for elite travel organizations, college programs and entire leagues. With these offers, all of the coaches in the organization will receive free memberships. We also will build unique landing pages and offers for those teams and organizations. For more information on these offers, please contact tony@troskybaseball.com