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Welcome to the Trosky Baseball Mentorship Program, where the extraordinary journey of self-discovery and athletic excellence begins! Featuring the expertise of renowned mentor and Trosky Lead Instructor, Jason Kline, this exclusive 12-month program is designed to elevate your skills and mindset on and off the baseball field. From setting personalized goals in the initial consultation to delving into the essential tools of the game, each week is a step closer to unlocking your full potential. The carefully crafted developmental action plans and consistent growth check-ins ensure a transformative experience. Join us on this exciting adventure, and let's make your baseball journey truly epic! Are you ready to embark on the path of excellence? Reach out today and start your incredible journey with the Trosky Baseball Mentorship Program. Your moment to shine has arrived! #TroskyBaseball #JasonKline #BaseballExcellence


Week 1: Initial Consultation and Goal Setting. Get to know Jason and set your personalized goals for the mentorship program.

Week 3: 5 Tool Navigation Dive into the essentials of the game with Jason, exploring hitting, fielding, speed, arm strength, and leadership.


We begin your journey with a comprehensive consultation where we will lay the foundation for your growth and success on the field and off the field. We will do a comprehensive evaluation into the 5 physical tools, academics and the 6th Tool (Mental Game).


Dive into the essentials of the game with Jason as he lays the groundwork for understanding the five essential tools in baseball: hitting, fielding, speed, arm strength, and hit for power. You'll start your journey by navigating these critical components of the game.


The purpose of the self reflection is to assess the quality of your process and to continue to get better. Your history is your greatest teacher, therefore digging deep into your routine we will learn from your experiences, identify strengths, weaknesses, routines, habits, patterns and create a plan to improve both mentally and physically.


Introduction to 5TC - Five Tool Connection, where we begin closing gaps in your baseball training, but bridging them to propel you towards your baseball aspirations. Partnering with 5TC we will develop a program prescribed and meticulously crafted to maximize your development. The 5TC team have a legacy of training Hall of Famers and MVPs and they will be training you. The power of data drives our excellence, ensuring every aspect of your training is uniquely tailored to your needs. Train with the utmost convenience, breaking free from location constraints. Our virtual programs bring the weight room to you, providing the flexibility and accessibility you need. What sets us apart is not just our expertise but our holistic approach.


Month 3 marks a pivotal moment in your journey as you delve into the heart of your development with precision and purpose. In Week 9, under the expert guidance of Jason, you'll embark on the creation of your personalized Offensive Developmental Action Plan. This isn't just a plan; it's a blueprint designed to elevate your offensive game to unprecedented heights. As Week 11 unfolds, it's time to shift gears to the defensive realm. Craft, refine, and hone your skills with a tailor-made Defensive Developmental Action Plan. Every move, every strategy, meticulously designed to fortify your defensive prowess. Month 3 isn't just about progress; it's about crafting your future on the field. Get ready to RYC - Reach Your Ceiling with strategic precision and a roadmap to success. This is your time to shine, and these developmental action plans are your key to unlocking greatness.


Coach Klines approach goes beyond generic drills; it's about tailoring a roadmap specifically designed to amplify individual skills. The Defensive Developmental Action Plan delves deep into the nuances of fielding, throwing, and overall defensive strategy. It's a meticulous blueprint that takes into account each player's strengths and areas for improvement. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach falls short when aiming for greatness. This personalized strategy ensures that every athlete undergoes targeted, purposeful training to unlock their full defensive potential. It's not just about making routine plays; it's about cultivating a mindset and skill set that can withstand the pressures of high-stakes moments on the field.


Consistent growth and development form the cornerstone of your journey to excellence. Imagine a roadmap meticulously designed for your success, with regular check-ins every four weeks serving as the compass guiding you towards unparalleled heights. In this dynamic process, each check-in is a revelation, a cascade of new drills, strategies, and insights meticulously curated to fuel your evolution. It's not just about progress; it's about the unwavering commitment to your growth, ensuring that every step forward is a step towards mastery. These check-ins are not mere intervals; they are the heartbeat of your journey, pulsating with the rhythm of consistent improvement. Embrace the power of these strategic pit stops, where every nugget of knowledge becomes a catalyst for your ascent. This is not just a training regimen; it's a promise – a promise of consistent growth, development, and Navigation


Month 4 heralds a phase of evolution and implementation, a stage where your growth transcends expectations. In Week 13, the spotlight turns to a transformative experience as you engage in the Reassessment and Implementation of the illustrious "6th Tool" alongside Coach Kline. This isn't just a checkpoint; it's a profound exploration into the GDBRR. Assess your progress with a discerning eye, dissecting every facet of your game. But the true game-changer lies in the revelation of the "6th Tool." Jason, will guide you through the 95/5, the fuel that drives the engine, the 5% mental that controls 95% physical.


Regular check-ins every four weeks serve as the heartbeat of this immersive program, ensuring a continuous flow of new drills, strategies, and insights for unwavering and consistent growth. These strategic touchpoints are not mere milestones; they are the lifeline of your journey towards REACHING YOUR CEILING.


* Week 50: Summative Assessment * Evaluate your journey, celebrate your progress, and assess how far you've come. * Week 52: Summary, Conclusion, Future Outlook, and Projections

* Jason will provide a comprehensive summary of your achievements, guide you through a satisfying conclusion, and offer insights into your future in baseball.



The Critical 3: Coach Kline

The Critical 3: Coach Kline


Timing- the ability to swing the bat into hitting zone when needed and it is the backbone of a effective and repeatanble swing. It takes keen understanding of the coordination between the pitcher's delivery, the ball's path, and split-second decisions that define success or failure in the batter's box. We will prioritize the mastery of timing, recognizing it as the decisive factor that separates solid decision making, solid contanct and repeatability.


We will emphasize the meticulous evaluation and relentless development of three fundamental movements within the swing. Firstly, the transition from stance to fire lays the foundation for a player's readiness and power generation. It is about the controlled initiation of motion, setting the stage for what follows. Secondly, the fire to contact phase embodies the critical moment of truth, demanding precision and timing as the bat meets ball. Lastly, the contact to finish sequence defines the completeness of the swing, emphasizing follow-through and optimizing power transfer. To create a repeatable, efficient swing it is imperative to dissect, refine, and elevate each of these movements. Our is commitment to developing a fundamentally sound, repeatable swing.


Hand-eye coordination is the seamless marriage between vision and physical execution, enabling you to connect the swing path of the bat with accuracy at the precise location of the swing in the zone, timing of contact and location of pitch. It is the difference-maker that can be trained and allows for the hitter to replicate efficienct contact with a repeatable swing. As we refine your swing, the focus on honing their hand-eye coordination becomes non-negotiable, ensuring that every swing is connected to elite timing, bat path and contact point. We will cover next, How to assess a hitters timing and Hand eye coordination using a series of drills specifically designed to challenge those elements.