The Dominican Republic trip that I took with Trosky baseball still remains my fondest baseball experience of my life. I will never forget waking up at 6:00 am and working out with the Dominicans on the beach. It was also great playing in the small villages and in the major league complexes against the local teams. It was baseball heaven. This is a trip that every serious baseball player should make, it gives you a greater perspective on your life and teaches you a lot about baseball. I am thankful that Trosky Baseball gave me this wonderful opportunity.

Nick Halamadaris

Robert Louis Stevenson High School – 2012

Cal Berkeley – 2013

My trip to the Dominican Republic with Trosky Baseball was a great experience both on and off the field. The baseball was great, and the people were even better. Even though I had always heard about what baseball in the DR was like, it was amazing to get to experience it truly first hand. It was no doubt the highlight of my summer.

Tucker Forbes

Robert Louis Stevenson High School – 2012

UCLA – 2013

Coach Trosky,

I just wanted to send you a note to say Thank You! The baseball trip to the Dominican Republic was a trip of a lifetime. I had always wanted my son Nick to visit a third world county. Not only did he get the opportunity to learn from another culture, he also had the opportunity to see how the Dominican baseball players train. From the first day, when the boys went out to take practice on the town baseball field, you could see in their eyes they were in for something special. A truly eye-opening experience.

The local boys, who were playing baseball in the street with a stick and a bottle cap would stop and watch our boys with delight. And as we traveled around, it was amazing to see all the professional Major League Baseball facilities scattered about. Getting the chance to visit and tour some of the MLB facilities was great. Even better was when the players got the chance to play against the Dominican teams in both the Major League stadiums.

The most memorable day was when the boys went into a village and handed out donated baseball gear to the local kids. It was truly awesome. Children and young players filled the park, and everyone that came received something to take home. I will never forget the look on the children’s faces as they received the gifts, and even more, the faces of the boys as they handed it out.

This was the trip I always hoped for my son… and me.

Thanks again, Dan Rossetta

Our 16-year-old son, as well as his father and I, attended Trosky’s Baseball trip to the Dominican Republic. Although we were hesitant about traveling to an unknown area, the trip exceeded all our expectations of providing a thorough education into a third-world type country. The trip was well organized, the accommodations and food were authentic Dominican Republic, and the boys had a wonderful time doing what they like best…playing baseball! It was a beautiful country and we feel our son took away such a vital experience that he will always remember.

– Dianne

My trip to the Dominican Republic with Trosky Baseball was a trip I will forever hold in my mind. I was a bit nervous about playing with new guys and playing against some excellent Dominican Republic players, but once we all started playing, it was demanding, yet fun, and such a different experience that I will always remember it. I enjoyed and learned so much from this trip, I wrote my college application essay on it and how it reshaped my thinking of the world.

– Chase