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6TH TOOL NATION: Trosky Baseball brings you 6 Tool Development: a unique training model that focuses on complete player development. 6 Tool Development teaches, tests, trains, and develops the 5 physical tools and the 6th tool (the mental makeup tool). These are the areas that elite high school coaches, college recruiters, and professional baseball scouts evaluate players by. The good news is you don’t have to be born with all 6 tools. Your tools can be developed. Join us for a great day of focused and purposeful training. Better Everyday!!

LOCATION: Ventura College, Ventura, CA

AGES: 14 U

WHEN: Sat, June 23, 2018 (2:00pm to 6:00pm) – Check-in at 1:30pm

BRING: A hat, comfortable baseball attire (including baseball pants), baseball gear, and a positive attitude.


RECEIVE: Camp T-Shirt / 5-Tool Development Card / Mental Game & 6th Tool Wristband & teaching cards / Player 5 Tool Assessment & Evaluation


     1. Dynamic Warm-up

     2. Mental Makeup & Character Talks 6th Tool Development

     3. Catch Play Detailed Throwing routine

     4. Train & Develop 5 Tools

     5. Test (5 Tools) Hit for average Hit for power Throw Field Run

     6. Train & Develop 5 tools

     7. Recruiting Talk Prepare for the Next Level



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Coach Nate Trosky, owner & founder of Trosky Baseball, is employed by the Milwaukee Brewers, New Balance Area Code Baseball, Major League Baseball / BTS and serves as a private consultant for the German National team. He has served as a baseball clinician for numerous West-Coast colleges and universities (i.e. Stanford, USC, Cal Poly SLO, USF, USB, SCU, Sonoma State, Cal State Monterey Bay, and others). His coaching endeavors have taken him around the world to South Africa, Japan, Dominican Republic, China, Mexico, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. Coach Trosky has coached in Europe professionally winning a National Championship and was named German coach of the year. He has coached with the South African, Croatian, and German National teams. Coach Trosky has been an assistant coach in 3 North American minor leagues (Northern, Western and North-East). At Hawaii Pacific University he received All-American, Mr. Hustle and Scholar Athlete awards. Coach Trosky holds a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership, Youth Family Development.

Success is defined by the effort put forth in preparation for competition, a winning attitude, and learning from victories and failures!