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Are you looking for DR Development! 15 y DR Development! Afte DR Development! Morn DR Development! Thro DR Development! Hit You still looking fo DR Development! Morn This short film by @ DR Development! Swip DR Development! A.M. DR Development! Hitt DR Development! Morn Welcome to the DR! t Quick Hands Ricochet Committed to the "DO High Hop Drill - Rou Success = Highest # Dirtbag - High Energ Solo- Slow Roller Sh Gold Medalist & 15 t Solo fielding drill. ‪Bulldogs! Play BI Looking Forward to a @coreyseager5 Corey Post Practice Extra Relays! A Simple Gam Making Plays at Game DMG4 - The Mindset "

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DR Development! 15 yrs Old! Ridiculous! Making Plays! Great Plays Routine! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball #troskybaseball #abca

DR Development! After 3 Hr A.M. Training, Diet of Elite DR Athletes! @adidasbaseball @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball #troskybaseball

DR Development! Morning Workout - Hit Tool! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball

DR Development! Throw Tool. Sharing Jbands with Top Trainers! Thanku Alan. GYMR @jaegersports #troskybaseball @socalsteve9 @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball

DR Development! Hit Tool- Hitting Corn! @jaegersports @adidasbaseball @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball #troskybaseball

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DR Development! Morning Beach Pepper - Hit Tool! @jaegersports @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball @qualityatbats #troskybaseball

This short film by @warsticbaseball shows what happens when the hitter becomes the hunter.  Film stars #warstic co-owners @i.kinsler3 and #JackWhite || #warcry

DR Development! Swiping Bags in the Rain! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @warsticbaseball @socalsteve9 @adidasbaseball #troskybaseball

DR Development! A.M. Beach Defensive Tool Training! Better Everyday! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @warsticbaseball @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @areacodebaseball

DR Development! Hitting Rockets with Tape Balls - Better Everyday! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @areacodebaseball #troskybaseball

DR Development! Morning Run Tool Training. 60s with Resistance. Better Every Day! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 @areacodebaseball @adidasbaseball #abca #troskybaseball

Welcome to the DR! the land of OGFD (Old School, Grassroots, Farm-boy, Development)! @jaegersports @socalsteve9 @adidasbaseball #troskybaseball #6tool @qualityatbats

Quick Hands Ricochet Drill Making Plays! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 @fridayfielders @adidasbaseball #troskybaseball

Committed to the "DO" Swipin Bags!! Great job today young Monterey Pirates. @jaegersports @troskybaseball @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball #abca

High Hop Drill - Routine cut the Distance! Gain ground on the ball and pick short-hop. Making Plays! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 #troskybaseball

Success = Highest # of reps @ Game Speed, Game Focus, Game Challenge! Ojai Coaches Clinic. @jaegersports @socalsteve9 #troskybaseball @adidasbaseball

Dirtbag - High Energy High Intensity, Brings the Juice!! Legend George Brett. #6thtool #troskybaseball @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 #abca

Solo- Slow Roller Short-hop, Pick it & Stick it Drill! Better Everyday! @adidasbaseball @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 #troskybaseball #abca

Gold Medalist & 15 time Nation Champ Head Coach of Iowa Dan Gable at camp with grandson Making Plays! #troskybaseball #dangable @socalsteve9 @jaegersports @qualityatbats #adidas

Solo fielding drill. Pickin' Hops! @jaegersports @qualityatbats #6thtool #troskybaseball #cityhighbaseball

‪Bulldogs! Play BIG Regardless of Size, Strength, Age. Day 2 Iowa Trosky Youth Camp. #troskybaseball #6thtool @jaegersports #cityhighbaseball

Looking Forward to a Great 2017 Mr. Seager! Hitting Rockets! @jaegersports @qualityatbats #troskybaseball

@coreyseager5 Corey Seager getting in extra work today at the end of Dodgers practice! @dodgers #bettereveryday #troskybaseball

Post Practice Extra Work! @dodgers #bettereveryday

Relays! A Simple Game of Catch! @dodgers @yasielpuig #cannon #catch

Making Plays at GameDay Bubble today! 5 tool indoor development. Better Everyday! @jaegersports @socalsteve9 #troskybaseball #6thtool @road2gameday

DMG4 - The Mindset "Challenged on Every Play!" 1. Pick Hop 2. Lengthen Hop 3. Shorten Hop @socalsteve9 @jaegersports @qualityatbats #troskybaseball

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