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Are you looking for DR Development! 15 y DR Development! Afte DR Development! Morn DR Development! Thro DR Development! Hit You still looking fo DR Development! Morn DR Development! Swip DR Development! A.M. DR Development! Hitt DR Development! Morn Welcome to the DR! t Quick Hands Ricochet Committed to the "DO High Hop Drill - Rou Success = Highest # Dirtbag - High Energ Solo- Slow Roller Sh Gold Medalist & 15 t Solo fielding drill. ‪Bulldogs! Play BI Looking Forward to a @coreyseager5 Corey Post Practice Extra Relays! A Simple Gam Making Plays at Game DMG4 - The Mindset "

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DR Development! 15 yrs Old! Ridiculous! Making Plays! Great Plays Routine! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball #troskybaseball #abca

DR Development! After 3 Hr A.M. Training, Diet of Elite DR Athletes! @adidasbaseball @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball #troskybaseball

DR Development! Morning Workout - Hit Tool! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball

DR Development! Throw Tool. Sharing Jbands with Top Trainers! Thanku Alan. GYMR @jaegersports #troskybaseball @socalsteve9 @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball

DR Development! Hit Tool- Hitting Corn! @jaegersports @adidasbaseball @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball #troskybaseball

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DR Development! Morning Beach Pepper - Hit Tool! @jaegersports @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @warsticbaseball @qualityatbats #troskybaseball

DR Development! Swiping Bags in the Rain! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @warsticbaseball @socalsteve9 @adidasbaseball #troskybaseball

DR Development! A.M. Beach Defensive Tool Training! Better Everyday! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @warsticbaseball @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @areacodebaseball

DR Development! Hitting Rockets with Tape Balls - Better Everyday! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball @socalsteve9 @areacodebaseball #troskybaseball

DR Development! Morning Run Tool Training. 60s with Resistance. Better Every Day! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 @areacodebaseball @adidasbaseball #abca #troskybaseball

Welcome to the DR! the land of OGFD (Old School, Grassroots, Farm-boy, Development)! @jaegersports @socalsteve9 @adidasbaseball #troskybaseball #6tool @qualityatbats

Quick Hands Ricochet Drill Making Plays! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 @fridayfielders @adidasbaseball #troskybaseball

Committed to the "DO" Swipin Bags!! Great job today young Monterey Pirates. @jaegersports @troskybaseball @qualityatbats @adidasbaseball #abca

High Hop Drill - Routine cut the Distance! Gain ground on the ball and pick short-hop. Making Plays! @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 #troskybaseball

Success = Highest # of reps @ Game Speed, Game Focus, Game Challenge! Ojai Coaches Clinic. @jaegersports @socalsteve9 #troskybaseball @adidasbaseball

Dirtbag - High Energy High Intensity, Brings the Juice!! Legend George Brett. #6thtool #troskybaseball @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 #abca

Solo- Slow Roller Short-hop, Pick it & Stick it Drill! Better Everyday! @adidasbaseball @jaegersports @qualityatbats @socalsteve9 #troskybaseball #abca

Gold Medalist & 15 time Nation Champ Head Coach of Iowa Dan Gable at camp with grandson Making Plays! #troskybaseball #dangable @socalsteve9 @jaegersports @qualityatbats #adidas

Solo fielding drill. Pickin' Hops! @jaegersports @qualityatbats #6thtool #troskybaseball #cityhighbaseball

‪Bulldogs! Play BIG Regardless of Size, Strength, Age. Day 2 Iowa Trosky Youth Camp. #troskybaseball #6thtool @jaegersports #cityhighbaseball

Looking Forward to a Great 2017 Mr. Seager! Hitting Rockets! @jaegersports @qualityatbats #troskybaseball

@coreyseager5 Corey Seager getting in extra work today at the end of Dodgers practice! @dodgers #bettereveryday #troskybaseball

Post Practice Extra Work! @dodgers #bettereveryday

Relays! A Simple Game of Catch! @dodgers @yasielpuig #cannon #catch

Making Plays at GameDay Bubble today! 5 tool indoor development. Better Everyday! @jaegersports @socalsteve9 #troskybaseball #6thtool @road2gameday

DMG4 - The Mindset "Challenged on Every Play!" 1. Pick Hop 2. Lengthen Hop 3. Shorten Hop @socalsteve9 @jaegersports @qualityatbats #troskybaseball

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